The first load of oil was delivered to Santos’ sales line at Jackson in S.W. Queensland, Australia on 11/5/2013.  After a successful fracture stimulation treatment in May, the Sabine Lake #1A well has now produced over 100,000 barrels of oil in just over 6 months. The Blind Hog #1 3D well was successfully flow tested at a rate of over 550 BOPD. Keeping America Energy Independent Since 1983

Helping America Become Energy Independent Since 1983.

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Oil and Gas Well Exploration in Texas, Louisiana, & Australia

The Carson Energy Group (Carson Energy) is an international oil and gas investments, exploration and production company – one of the most dynamic in the United States, based on its global reach. We operate with integrity and a commitment to being an industry leading premier independent while cultivating the right relationships with our partners. Our team of management, geophysical, geological, and engineering consultants collectively have more than 150 years of experience. Our current focus for oil and gas exploration and production is in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, and over a million acres in Australia.

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The amount of oil in the US is staggering!


We have oil & natural gas wells all over the map!


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A brief history of oil and gas

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The oil and natural gas industry has a substantial impact on the economy of the United States.  Even throughout the recession, the United States oil & natural gas companies continue to provide good-paying jobs, revenue growth to our national government, and investment growth for millions of Americans across the nation, including:

  • Employing 9.2 Million Americans (with the ability to create 1.4 Million more jobs by 2030)
  • O & G Companies pay $86 Million every day to the federal government in royalty payments, rents, and bonus fees
  • Industry will create 1 million new jobs in the next ten years alone
  • Demand on U.S. Energy will grow 20 percent by 2035
  • US government has received over $100 billion from O & G industry (in royalty payments, rents and bonus fees)



A Brief History of Oil and Gas